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Introducing Contentifications

Rich is a copywriter with a background in journalism, consulting, market research and digital marketing.


I've always loved writing. Growing up, I wrote short stories on a good old-fashioned typewriter! Now I take a laptop with me everywhere I go.

I also enjoy learning about new things, no matter how niche. At university, I studied French & German literature - a degree involving many hours of research looking for obscure literary criticism articles, both online and in rare books.

After working as both a freelance and full-time journalist, I joined the weird and wacky world of market research and consulting. Combining writing with data analysis, project management and tight deadlines, I've worked with some of the biggest global brands - including Google, Capgemini, NATO and Worldpay (FIS).

Now I write everything from short SEO content to long thought leadership reports. I'm a writer first and foremost - with plenty of experience handling complex assignments, interpreting data and delivering work quickly.

If you're looking for a friendly, reliable, certified copywriter and digital marketer with experience in journalism as well as research, that's me! Thanks for reading and please get in touch with any queries or to discuss a piece of content. 



Rich Weston

  • CMP-certified copywriter

  • NCTJ-qualified journalist

  • DMI-certified digital marketer

  • Market research expert

  • 12 years' experience and counting

The result? High-quality SEO content that's tailored to your audience and expertly researched.

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